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Why Play to Earn Gaming Usage Explodes 2,000% in a Year?

The emerging cryptocurrency technology and blockchain not only affected the way global businesses are done, but also a creative field like gaming in particular. Though gaming is not new to cryptocurrency in the form of multiplayer online games that have been ruling the roost since ages, blockchain has given the bigger boom to the activity. Hence, the experts say Play to Earn gaming usage will explode 2000% a year- a staggering figure indeed.

It would be interesting to know that the first quarter of the year witnessed the blockchain-gaming sector occupying a staggering 52% of overall blockchain activity.  Blockchain games drew 1.22 million unique wallets across the globe.  At the same time , there is a rise in popularity of play to earn- non fungible token (NFT) on Ethereum stand chain. To add to the party,  platforms such as Crazy Defense Heroes, Pegaxy led to a whopping 219% increase in Polygon gaming activity this year.

This doesn’t mean the explosion is immune to challenges and security threats. After the Ronin Bridge security breach, Play to Earn Gaming has incorporated unique wallet addresses  (UWA) to increase robustness and strong security to offer reassurance to the global users.

Axie Infinity tops the list in Play to Earn gaming among the users,  followed closely by competitive titles such as Aavegeotchi, Pegaxy and Crazy Defence Heroes.  Blockchain has raised a whopping $2.5billion just in the year 2022. The numbers speak it all.

Play to Earn Gaming- the future of Gaming?

Absolutely yes. Despite some eyebrows being raised about the credibility of the games by traditional gamers, Play to Earn Gaming coupled with blockchain is zooming faster than ever before. A popular video game industry like Ubisoft has also started collaborating in this new trend.

Tech giants as well as gamers strongly believe that Play to Earn gaming will define the future of gaming -whether it is console or mobile.  Another interesting aspect of Play to Earn gaming is that- it aims to make the gaming experience more immersive, in comparison to traditional games or even PS2/XboX.

Gameplay Redefined

The term “gameplay” has been revolutionised with the advent of blockchain. While in traditional games, the user is still not completely immersed in the gaming world, Play to Earn games coupled with blockchain make the gamer the ultimate hero. They offer a friendly hand to the gamer to come into the virtual universe which is too good to be true. The science fiction theories that were predicted way back in the 80s seem to come true with play to earn gaming coupled with blockchain.

In fact, play to earn gaming has surmounted competitive spirit among the gamers as money is involved, leading to increased engagement, fun and tremendous thrill as well. It is indeed a win-win situation for both gaming companies, blockchain companies and the gamers alike where a new definition of gaming has brought out never before witnessed magic in the field.

To conclude, there is every genuine reason why Play to Earn gaming is exploding 2000 a year and experts say , “Brace yourselves, this is just the beginning!.

Yes. It is just the beginning indeed!