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The Power of Play to Earn Gaming Applications: Best 10 P2E Blockchain Games

Every gamer in the world is now eyeing on the Play to Earn Gaming titles for the various advantages it offers. However, there are some hundreds of titles in which the gamer gets confused to choose the best among them. There would be a newbie who wants to try a hand in gaming by choosing a Play to Earn game on how it works. Or it might be a casual onlooker who would want to check what all this is about! We bring you the list of top 10 best Play to Earn Blockchain Games which take you to a world of Blockchain, cryptocurrency, virtual reality like never before and what not? Gear up for a list of smashing titles that surely aim to entertain you thoroughly from the start to the end.

Play to earn games are those where the gamers can enjoy the fun of gaming, thereby getting rewarded in certain milestones in the form of Cryptocurrency. This currency can be used in the real time world for various purchases and that’s what makes Play to Earn gaming the most attractive and trendiest happening thing now.

We bring you the list of top 10 Play to Earn games that are ruling the roost this year:

Bomb Crypto

The players of Bomb Crypto earn points by acquiring Bomb Crypto token (BITCOIN) with the help of Bomb Heroes, the NFTs and defeating the monsters. Along with contemporary bitcoin feels, Bomb Crypto also gives an nostalgic effect thereby making it the most popular game among Play to Earn Gaming.

Ember Sword

The main ambition of this game is gameplay first and has interesting storylines to keep the gamer engaged.  In short, it has a classless combat system.

Plant vs Undead

The game deals on earning light energy leading to PVU tokens. If the gamer can successfully control Plant vs undead assets into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), there is a huge possibility of earning money-which is why it became so popular.


It is the first Ethereum based NFT game that hit $1 billion in sales in the year August 2021. With million active users playing it, the game is one of the highest revenue games in entire blockchains.

Gala Games

Town Star: A blockchain powered gaming platform,  Gala Games provides GALA Coin as a reward and utility token for the in-game transactions of the players. In short, every collectible that occurs in the game can be used as an asset and converted into a currency.


A 3D RPG Open World game on Ethereum Blockchain gameplay empowered by auto battle facility. Just like old RPG games, the gamers need to win tasks, be victorious in quests and thereby increase their ranks.


A virtual reality crypto game powered by Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland is nothing but fun. The players can use MANA coins to buy and  sell goods throughout the game play and indulge in fun-filled social activities.


Similar to Decentraland, Sandbox allows the gamer to trade digital land with digital currency. The limited supply of 166,664 lands is the pressing challenge for the gamers to compete.

Age of Rust

For all the storytelling lovers who also love to earn a bit of cryptocurrency, Age of Rust is the best option. It is a post-apocalyptic game built under ENJIN Protocol. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the game has garnered much attention for its robustness.

Spider Tank

Developed by GAMEDIA, a Netherland based award-winning developer. The players can improve their skills as they progress via the gameplay and earn crypto rewards. There are ample varieties of tank bodies,weapons, special weapons in the battle arena which is so much fun.